One of the busiest bridges crossing into York County will be down a lane. Here’s when

One of the few bridges to cross Lake Wylie into York County is losing a lane Thursday.

Charlotte Water will close one of two lanes coming into South Carolina on Buster Boyd Bridge for pipe maintenance. The two lanes heading into North Carolina will remain open. The work runs 9 a.m.-4 p.m. Thursday.

Buster Boyd is a heavy traffic area in Lake Wylie with the most direct route into Charlotte for thousands of commuters flowing from at least as far west as Clover. Current regional traffic models show S.C. 49 at Buster Boyd as one of the biggest choke points in York County. Projections into the coming decades show worsening conditions.

Another alternate route to head north across Lake Wylie is to go north on S.C. 274 to Pole Branch Road into Gaston County.

Traffic on Buster Boyd Bridge, particularly how it snarls with a wreck or similar issue causing it to lose a lane, is a main reason residents give for repeated pleas to county officials not to allow larger, more dense subdivisions in the community.

While the lane closure is for water pipe maintenance, future water work in the area could follow. Blue Granite Water Co. applied earlier this month for approval of a wholesale water purchase agreement with Charlotte Water to serve more than 4,000 customers in the Lake Wylie area. The agreement, serving as the backup connection required by a 2018 franchise agreement with York County, would allow for up to 2 million gallons of water per day.

Blue Granite has an ongoing rate increase hearing, too. A public hearing in York County on that request is still being scheduled.

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