York County Sheriff’s Office deputies to wear new uniforms

York County Sheriff’s Office deputies will be sporting a new uniform for patrol duties starting Monday.

The uniforms will include khaki shirts and green BDU-style pants, according to a press release from the sheriff’s office.

Officers also will wear a black bulletproof vest carrier with the word “Sheriff” on the front and back, the release said. The khaki shirt will have “Sheriff” on the front chest and the badge design on the front right. The back of the shirts will have “York County Sheriff.”

About a year ago, several deputies tested different uniform styles, the release said. Sheriff Kevin Tolson said, in the release, the health benefits of the new style were a key reason for the change.

The average officer carries about 30 pounds of equipment, which can cause lower back and hip pain, according to the release. The vest carrier allows officers to carry equipment on the torso rather than the waist, which helps relieve stress on the lower back and hips, the release said.

The sheriff’s office last changed deputy uniforms about 30 years ago, the release said.

The old gray and black uniforms will still be worn by administrative staff lieutenants, captains, the major and the sheriff for special events and speaking engagements, according to the release.

Most deputies wearing the new uniforms will be driving fully marked sheriff’s office patrol cars. But if residents have concerns about an encounter with a deputy in the new uniforms, they are encouraged to call 911 or the sheriff’s office at 803-628-3056 to confirm with a York County dispatcher that the person is a deputy.

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