Chlorine gas leak at Lancaster water plant; air being monitored, officials say

Hazardous materials crews are at a water treatment plant in Lancaster County after a chlorine gas leak, emergency officials said.

A cloud of the gas escaped Monday morning from the Lancaster County Water and Sewer plant on Riverside Road near S.C. 5, said Darren Player, Lancaster County Emergency management Director. The plant is close to the Catawba River and the York County line, Player said.

No injuries have been reported, Player said. The leak has beenstopped, Player said.

No evacuation was required, Player said.

Riverside Road remained closed to traffic as emergency officials check the air quality as the plume dissipates, Player said. It remains unclear how the leak occurred or the volume of release, Player said. The gas formed a cloud that could be seen by responding firefighters and emergency officials but is breaking up in the air, Player said.

“We are monitoring the area to make sure that there are no lingering effects,” Player said.

Hazardous materials crews made up of a joint crew from Lancaster County and the city of Lancaster are on scene monitoring the leak, Player said.

Lancaster officials notified South Carolina’s State Emergency Management Division, Player said.

Hazmat crews will remain on scene until air testing shows the area is safe, Player said.

Check back for updates on this developing story.

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