Black bear spotted roaming through Clover


courtesy of Clover Police Dept.
courtesy of Clover Police Dept.

Clover police confirmed Wednesday a black bear has been spotted in three areas near the town - the second bear sighting in York County within a week.

The calls first came Tuesday morning from a mobile home community, Cloverbrook, off US 321 north. A second sighting was in Eagle Creek off Highway 55. The communities are near each other through the woods. A third sighting was reported Wednesday on Calabash Road off St. Paul Church Road, outside of Clover, according to The Herald’s news partner, WSOC-TV.

Police have reached out to the S.C. Department of Natural Resources.

“Black bears are an important part of South Carolina’s natural history," said Brett Witt, spokesman for the S.C. Department of Natural Resources. "Black bears are not generally aggressive even when confronted by humans. However, they are large, powerful, wild animals that need to be respected. No injuries or deaths have been attributed to black bears in South Carolina."

A black bear was also spotted last Wednesday near I-77 in York County. A sheriff’s deputy was able to get video from the sighting.

A black bear was spotted in York County on Wednesday. A sheriff's deputy was able to film video of this bear running into the woods near I-77 and Porter Road in Rock Hill. Bears are very uncommon for York County, but DNR officials say as the popul