York County descendant of Confederate prisoners of war pens song to take down flag

The power of song, and the Internet, has linked a York County shop owner and musician whose great-grandfathers were Confederate soldiers with musical tributes to the Charleston victims that are demanding the Confederate flag be removed from the South Carolina Statehouse grounds.

“My great-grandfathers were both Confederate soldiers from York County and they both were prisoners of war at Appomattox when the war ended and I want that flag to come down,” said Herschel Lee Brown, owner of Brownie’s in tiny Sharon in western York County. “It is my heritage, too, we are talking about here. That flag has come to be a symbol of hate and fear and it has to come down.”

Brown penned a verse that has become a part of a video chain of songs honoring the victims of the Charleston massacre. Brown’s friend, nationally-known musician and songwriter Peter Mulvey, started the idea. It has now become an Internet sensation.

“I am honored to be a part of this musical tribute to the victims,” Brown said.