Muslim protester thrown out of Trump rally returns to Winthrop

The Muslim woman thrown out of a Donald Trump rally at Winthrop University will be back on campus next week.

Rose Hamid, a Charlotte-based flight attendant, garnered national attention in January when she was thrown out of a Donald Trump rally at the Winthrop Coliseum. Clad in a hijab headscarf, Hamid stood silently in protest along with others in the stands behind Trump before she was removed by security guards.

Now Hamid has been invited back to the Rock Hill campus as a speaker. On April 1, she will address a conference of the Southeastern Women’s Studies Association in her role as president of the Muslim Women of the Carolinas group.

Hamid will speak at 2 p.m. in Dina’s Place at the DiGiorgio Campus Center, delivering an address on “Muslim Women’s Rights in an Intersectional Perspective.”

On Jan. 8, Hamid attended a Trump presidential rally in Rock Hill that was disrupted several times by protesters who were quickly removed from the coliseum crowd of more than 6,500 people. Hamid stood behind Trump as he spoke about Muslims and terrorism, wearing a T-shirt with the message “Salam: I Come In Peace” and a gold star stamped “Muslim,” reminiscent of the markers Jews were required to wear in Nazi Germany.

In later media interviews, Hamid said she wanted to bring attention to Trump’s anti-Muslim statements, like his proposal to ban Muslims from traveling to the United States in light of recent terrorist attacks, which the Republican presidential frontrunner announced only weeks earlier.

The crowd of Trump supporters reacted negatively to Hamid’s appearance. She was quickly removed while the crowd booed and chanted Trump’s name, and one woman sitting nearby tried to pull off the woman’s headscarf.

Protesters have become a fixture at Trump rallies, and the candidate has been accused of inciting his supporters to react violently to them. A 78-year-old white man was arrested for assault after he was caught on video punching a black protester at a Trump rally in Fayetteville, N.C., earlier this month. A planned Trump rally in Chicago was canceled moments before it was scheduled to start because a large and vocal number of protesters in the venue raised security concerns.

While the crowd at January’s rally were unhappy with the protests, others at Winthrop were upset with the way protesters were handled by security on campus.

Despite the controversy, Trump went on to win South Carolina’s Republican primary on Feb. 20 by 10 percentage points over Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio, carrying York County and 43 others and securing all 50 of the state’s delegates to the GOP convention in Cleveland this summer.

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