Chester County sheriff’s ‘Project Storm’ touted on ‘Steve Harvey’ show

Chester County Sheriff Alex Underwood’s “Project Storm” program was highlighted again on national television Tuesday as the “Steve Harvey” show aired an episode about a North Carolina teen getting help to try to stay out of trouble.

The show about teen Samaj Walker and the Chester Project Storm program aired Tuesday on Charlotte’s WBTV.

In the episode, the teen’s parents seek help after their son who had been an honor student starts getting in trouble, smoking marijuana and hanging out with a bad criminal element. Harvey links the family up with Underwood and his deputies, who have run the intervention program since Underwood was elected in 2013.

Underwood’s “Project Storm” has been featured on cable television’s A&E “Beyond Scared Straight” and other shows.

Underwood, named South Carolina sheriff of the year in 2015 and seeking re-election this year, vowed to change young people who had turned to drugs and crime. He has used the program to reach those who needed to experience what life is like in jail.

Underwood said he was surprised that the “Steve Harvey” show would reach out to him and his teen intervention program. He has been a longtime fan of both Harvey and his show. Afterward, Underwood said he was happy and proud to help.

“I made a commitment to myself and to my community to try to save as many youth from a life of crime and imprisonment,” Underwood said Tuesday. “I am happy we were able to assist this young man and his family, and I pray this experience touched them in some way. We are honored that the ‘Steve Harvey’ show allowed us to be a part of this young man’s transition.”

In the episode, one of the inmates at the Chester County Detention Center shown is Quinton McClinton, an alleged Roundtree Circle gang member and convicted felon charged with accessory to murder in the death of Chester City Councilman Odell Williams in 2014.

McClinton, who prosectors say has a criminal record and convictions dating back to age 13, can be seen on the clips telling the Charlotte teen of his jail and prison life and how he has been shot several times.