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Police blotter

Editor’s note: The information is compiled from incident reports from the York and Clover police departments and the York County Sheriff’s Office. The information is presented with no intent of guilt or innocence. Minor traffic violations are not listed.

KEY: AB – Assault and Battery; ABHAN – Assault and Battery of a High and Aggravated Nature; CDV – Criminal Domestic Violence; CDVHAV – Criminal Domestic Violence, High and Aggravated Nature; DUI – Driving Under the Influence; DUAC – Driving with Unlawful Alcohol Consumption; OC – Open Container; PD – Public Drunkenness; PDC – Public Disorderly Conduct; PDP – Possession of Drug Paraphernalia; PMJ – Possession of Marijuana; PWID – Possession With Intent to Distribute (drugs); SA – Simple Assault.

Clover police arrests

Tremaine Arquis Watson, 116 Amstrong St., Clover, April 25, charged with PMJ.

Mark Alexander Hoyle, 50, 1164 Faulner Road, Clover, April 25, charged with DUI and leaving scene of an accident.

Laura Lynn Mackins, 30, 904 S. Main St., Clover, April 22, charged with forgery.

Antonio Javar Williams, 1207 Meadowbend Drive, York, April 21, charaged with conspiracy and robbery.

Courtney Helms Murphy, 29, 138 Autum Falls Drive, Clover, April 20, charged with PMJ.

Jerrod Andrew Cooper, 24, 388 Old Carriage Road, Clover, April 23, charged with drug possession.

York police arrests

Tracy Michelle Clinton, 37, 105 Winthrop St., Clover, April 10, charged with property damage.

York County sheriff’s arrests

Theodore Arthur Hill, 42, 1060 Sutton Springs Road, York, April 27, charged wtih CDV and fugitive.

Paulina Ann Hill, 45, 1060 Sutton Springs Road, York, April 27, charged with CDV and fugitive.

Ann Marie Booth, 34, 987 Willis Farm Road, Clover, April 24, charged with CDV.

Connie Lynn Batey, 63, 2271 Iron Works Lane, Clover, April, 22, charged with breach of peace.