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Barbara Denny: Chasing the rainbows

Barbara Denny
Barbara Denny

All too soon the sun came out, pushing the dark clouds and the rain away. In the storm’s wake was a beautiful rainbow.

Its colors were vibrant and dark. It started in the cloud itself and spanned across the sky and landed right past the woods. So it seemed.

Always trying to see what was at the end of the rainbow, I knew I had to chase this one, too. I proceeded onto the highway toward the woods. I got off at exit 56, right past them, and took a hard left.

Now behind the forest, I could see that the rainbow indeed melted its gorgeous kaleidoscope on the grasses of the meadow.

I parked on the roadside, got out, and made my way over.

As I approached the spot where the rainbow faded into the grass, I could see the hues getting deeper.

I stopped and stood at the end of the rainbow. I looked up into its smoky haze and into the prism of vibrant color that streamed down to the ground. The tones of each color blended into the other at their edges, creating purples and greens and oranges.

They were so beautiful and effervescent. I could feel the colors pouring down over me.

I realized that I had indeed reached the end of the rainbow.

I looked down, expecting, maybe, to see a pot of gold. Yet all I saw were puddles of color around my feet. I was standing in a pool of dye, and that was it.

No pot of gold.

No miraculous visions. Not even a little leprechaun.

Slowly the spectral arc faded away. Color by color, it disappeared back into the heavens. I was left there standing on dry grass.

I looked around to see if anyone was watching me and realized I was alone in the meadow. A songbird fluttered by singing its song, or was it just laughing at me?

I was always chasing the rainbows. Both real and in life.

The warmth of the sun felt good, and I sat on the grass and pondered my existence.

Lying back on the soft green carpet, I gazed up at the billowy clouds as they floated through the sky.

As I reflected on my life, I could see all the times when I had “chased the rainbow” or sought “where the grass was greener.”

Usually the result was not what I expected.

Not the pot of gold. There was never anything wrong with my life or my circumstances. I always had good jobs, homes and friends. I don’t know why I had that insatiable urge to chase after appearances, the unknown.

Usually when I arrived there, it was not what I expected. Not bad, but just not the “take my breath away” result.

I wonder if everyone else seeks the fantasy of the rainbow’s end, or just settles for the humdrum of everyday life.

Though I’ve never stumbled across a cauldron of gold doubloons, my quests have presented me with wonderful adventures filled with interesting people, to say the least.

Places I never would have traveled to and experiences I would have definitely missed if I were not in chase mode.

I chuckled as I thought about Dorothy from “The Wizard of Oz.”

There’s no place like home, there’s no place like home! She may now be content with life at home, but if she hadn’t chased the rainbow she never would have followed the yellow brick road to the emerald castle with such an eclectic group of vagabonds.

Yes, maybe I am a bit of a dreamer chasing rainbows.

Maybe I have never found the pot of gold at the end, but what magnificent adventures I would have missed if I stayed in my own back yard.

So I think I had best be going, as I feel another rainbow coming on.

Barbara Denny is a freelance writer who live in York. Email her at mountaincat1959@yahoo.com.