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Police blotter for the week of Aug. 10

Editor’s note: The information is compiled from incident reports from the York and Clover police departments and the York County Sheriff’s Office. The information is presented with no intent of guilt or innocence. Minor traffic violations are not listed.

KEY: AB – Assault and Battery; ABHAN – Assault and Battery of a High and Aggravated Nature; CDV – Criminal Domestic Violence; CDVHAV – Criminal Domestic Violence, High and Aggravated Nature; DUI – Driving Under the Influence; DUAC – Driving with Unlawful Alcohol Consumption; OC – Open Container; PD – Public Drunkenness; PDC – Public Disorderly Conduct; PDP – Possession of Drug Paraphernalia; PMJ – Possession of Marijuana; PWID – Possession With Intent to Distribute (drugs); SA – Simple Assault.

Clover police arrests

Katie Miranda Adkins, 29, 312 Memorial Drive, Clover, July 27, charged with shoplifting.

Stephen Rojos Rodrigues, 19, 308 Walnut St., Clover, July 29, charged with PDP and unlawful possession of prescription drugs.

Aimee Marie Pack, 28, 309 Walnut St., Clover, July 30, charged with fugitive from justice.

Chelsea Marina Parton, 20, 209 Walnut St., Clover, July 20, charged with unlawful possession of prescription drugs and PDP.

Michael Latta, 56, 917 Generation Lane, Clover, July 31, charged with larceny.

Ernest Lee Latta, 744 Guinn St., Clover, July 31, charged with DUI.

Herbert Stephen Childs, 55, 401 Mobley St., Clover, July 31, charged with PDC.

Lester Joe Puckett Jr., 59, 108 Franklin St., Clover, Aug. 8, charged with AB.

Michael Donovan Paysour, 43, 402 Lincoln Road, York, Aug. 9, charged with DUAC.

Deanna Ellen Huddleston, 55, 208 Hilltop Lane, Clover, Aug. 9, charged with shoplifting and trespassing.

York police arrests

Arnulfo Govea, 49, 20 Hudson St., York, Aug. 8, charged with DUI.

William Harold Mason Vinson, 48, 102 Barron Park, York, Aug. 8, charged with PDC.

Crystal Irene Brindle, 35, 209 Silver Creek Drive, York, Aug. 8, charged with shoplifting and public drunkenness.

Betty Faye Littlejohn Hayes, 48, 32 Green St., York, Aug. 7, charged with PDC.

Keith Eugene Morton, 48, 108 Ross Cannon St., York, Aug. 5, charged with PDC and resisting arrest.

Rita Nicole Sutton, 40, 312 Blackburn St., York, Aug. 4, charged with PDC.

Logan Taylor Allen, 17, 5040 Peachtree St., Hickory Grove, Aug. 3, charged with PDC.

Dockery Tanner Hamilton, 19, 620 Parson Road, McConnells, Aug. 3, charged with PDC.

Marjorie Alice Rogers, 19, 15 Travora Circle, York, Aug. 3, charged with PMJ, possession of drugs, PDP and assault.

Joshua Henry Lanier, 17, 1 Travora Circle, York, Aug. 3, charged with assault.

York County sheriff’s arrests

Christine Julia Gibson, 35, 101 Dickerson St., York, Aug. 4, charged with DUI.