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YCHS swim program making a splash

The York Comprehensive High School swim team has continued its upward trend since the program’s inception eight years ago.

“When we first started, we had only nine swimmers,” said assistant coach Dave Prescott, a former YCHS resource officer. “We now have 27 swimmers.”

Jessica Myers carries the banner for the girls’ swim team, Prescott said.

“Jess is our standout,” he said. “She goes to state every year and single-handedly represents her school.”

Myers went to state competition last year as a one-person team.

“There were 49 teams and she finished 22nd, beating all of the other schools in team competition,” said Prescott.

The other standout swimmers are: Anna Littlejohn, Ariel Prescott, Sam Ferguson, Gary Johnson and Seth Miller, Prescott said.

“We have several York swimmers that are being looked at for college swimming and for scholarships and stuff,” Prescott said. “They expect to advance to state competition every year.”

Senior team captains Ariel Prescott and Ferguson are team captains. Ariel Prescott, a sixth-year swimmer, is one of the top competitors in the region.

“I love the sport,” she said. “I try to keep it going all year. I don’t have an offseason. I never stop swimming.”

Ariel Prescott said she feels confident about her final season.

“I’ve had six years to improve my times,” she said. “I started in the seventh grade on the relay team. I’m working my way up to going back to state.”

Drawing from her experience in the program, Ariel Prescott said she helps the younger swimmers as a means of providing senior leadership.

“I feel that when we are gone and done with the program, they’re gonna get it done,” she said, referring to younger team members. “It’s obviously very important to help them out.”

Ferguson has a passion for high school swimming.

“It’s all about self-motivation,” he said. “You aren’t gonna be able to do it if you don’t want to do it. It’s all on you. What you put into it is what you get back from it.”

Ferguson’s advice to youngsters is: “High school swimming will teach them a lot of lessons they need to learn. It will make them competitive and keep them in shape.”

Coach Prescott said YCHS swimmers have high standards.

“Our main goal every year is to send as many kids to state as possible,” he said. “When the kids make that automatic qualifying time for state, everything else works out.”