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Police blotter for Oct. 22

Editor’s note: The information is compiled from incident reports from the York and Clover police departments and the York County Sheriff’s Office. The information is presented with no intent of guilt or innocence. Minor traffic violations are not listed.

KEY: AB – Assault and Battery; ABHAN – Assault and Battery of a High and Aggravated Nature; CDV – Criminal Domestic Violence; CDVHAV – Criminal Domestic Violence, High and Aggravated Nature; DUI – Driving Under the Influence; DUAC – Driving with Unlawful Alcohol Consumption; OC – Open Container; PD – Public Drunkenness; PDC – Public Disorderly Conduct; PDP – Possession of Drug Paraphernalia; PMJ – Possession of Marijuana; PWID – Possession With Intent to Distribute (drugs); SA – Simple Assault.

Clover police arrests

Leena Nicole Sovie, 17, 527 Shady Lane, Clover, Oct. 19, charged with receiving stolen goods.

Michael Scott Brendle, 17, 201 Valley Ave., Clover, Oct. 22, charged with resisting arrest, PDC and disturbing school property.

Judson Morton Jr., 45, 401 Stonegate Boulevard, Clover, Oct. 22, charged with possession of a controlled substance.

Kevin Montigo Brown, 39, no address, Clover, Oct. 24, charged with PDC.

Samuel DeCarlos Antonio Watson, 38, 906 S. Main St., Clover, Oct. 21, charged with possession of crack cocaine.

York police arrests

Rita Nicole Sutton, 40, 312 Blackburn St., York, Oct 25, charged with PDC.

William Marold Mason Vinson, 48, 102 Barron Park, York, Oct. 20, charged with PDC.

Sammy Joe Jenkins, Jr., 48, 525 Roberts Ave., York, Oct. 20, charged with PDC.

York County sheriff’s arrests

Michael Earl Miller II, 34, 5054 McConnells Highway, York, Oct. 26, charged with CDV.

Adam Clay Dodson, 37, 527 Turkey Creek Road, York, Oct. 25, charged with AB.

Laurie Robbins Moss, 26, 1090 Moss Lake Drive, Clover, Oct. 25, charged with AB.