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2 York bakeries aim to please the palate

Apple fritters, doughnuts and other fresh made pastries are popular at Rainbow Donuts Cafe on S.C. 5 and U.S. 321 west of York.
Apple fritters, doughnuts and other fresh made pastries are popular at Rainbow Donuts Cafe on S.C. 5 and U.S. 321 west of York. news@enquirerherald.com

Two new bakeries have recently opened in York, offering fresh doughnuts, fritters and deli items and breads and pastries made without preservatives and mixes.

Rainbow Donuts Cafe, at 602 W. Liberty St., on the U.S. 321 Bypass west of downtown York, offers doughnuts, fritters, muffins and other baked goods made daily. It also offers deli items, including breakfast sandwiches and burritos, burgers, sandwiches, subs, panini and Asian food.

On the Rise, owned by Terri Kreger at 9 N. Congress St. in downtown York, offers specialty baked goods, including cinnamon rolls, danish and other pastries and breads. The baked goods do not use preservatives, mixes or frozen dough.

Rainbow Donuts Cafe

Alexander Lee and his wife, Sayhuoy, opened Rainbow Donuts Cafe in November, drawing on his lifelong baking experience and her passion for cooking.

Lee, 50, a Cambodian immigrant who came to the United States as a 15-year-old orphan, said he started baking at Winchell’s Donuts, an international doughnut company started in California.

He ran his own doughnut shop in Philadelphia for several years before coming to York County, he said.

Lee previously worked as a machine operator at Meritor. But he said there were not a lot of dining places in York, so he decided to open the bakery and deli.

So far, it has been a hit, he said, especially the apple fritters.

“I can’t make enough of them,” said Lee, who said he has been making 80 to 100 apple fritters each morning. The bakery also sells doughnuts, filled pastries, cinnamon rolls and muffins.

Lee said wants to expand into making breads and cakes as the business grows. doughnuts and pastries run 95 cents each, he said, or $8.89 for a dozen.

The deli area features a large menu, including breakfast items, burgers, combos and sandwiches, and Asian dishes including chicken garlic, chicken lo mein and chicken fried rice. Deli items run up to $8.59 for a Philly cheesesteak combo.

On the Rise

Kreger and her business partner, Cathy Chase, opened On the Rise to sell Kreger’s specialty breads and baked goods. Kreger had been selling her baked items from her home and from local markets for two years.

“I don’t like commercially processed food,” said Kreger, who said she uses organic milk, honey and seeds and locally produced eggs. She said she does not use baking mixes or frozen dough.

Kreger said she is known for breads such as sourdough and cheddar, organic sunflower and organic spelt and savory breads.

Her baked goods include cinnamon rolls, scones, danish and croissants. Breads start around $6 a loaf and pastries at $3 for a cinnamon roll.

“I use premium ingredients, and that’s why some of my items are pricey,” she said.

She also has a line of organic granola, and sells North and South Carolina certified products to go with the baked goods, including peanut and almond butters, jams and jellies.

Kreger said she has been selling out every day.

“We opened Saturday,” she said last week, “and in 2 1/2 hours, everything that I had baked, and the dough that I had sitting out, it was all gone. I kept baking and baking, and I kept baking until it was all gone.”

“Every day, there is nothing left,” she said.

Kreger, a former benefits manager who left the corporate world several years ago, said she started selling her bread two years ago at the Inman Farms market.

“This is what I’m happy doing,” she said.

She brought 10 loaves to the Inman Farms market and they all sold quickly, she said. She also sold her baked goods at the Clover market, and had acquired a South Carolina license to sell food items from her home.

“From that 10 loaves of bread at Inman Farms, it has been nonstop,” she said.

Kreger said she decided to open the bakery at the urging of customers. She said she accepts custom orders and does some cakes, including rustic or specialty cakes.

“It has been weird how everything aligned,” Kreger said. “It has been effortless. We even had the bank tell us, ‘We don’t do startups, but the community wants you here.’”

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Want to go?

▪  Rainbow Donuts Cafe, 602 W. Liberty St., at the intersection of S.C. 5 and U.S. 321 west of downtown York, is open 5:30 a.m. to 8 p.m. Monday to Sunday. For details, call 803-818-6996 or visit www.facebook.com/RainbowDonutsYorksc.

▪  On the Rise, 9 N. Congress St., downtown York, is open 8 a.m. to 2 p.m. Tuesday to Saturday. For details, call 803-818-7318, email ontheriseyorksc@gmail.com or visit www.ontheriseyorksc.com.