Fort Mill Times

Fort Mill Bypass to get name change this month

By the time it’s done, the Fort Mill Southern Bypass likely won’t exist anymore.

At least not by that name, which county and town leaders expect to change by the end of June. Finding the full name too cumbersome for county services, the options are to come up with something new or extend Fort Mill Parkway to cover the newest section.

“York County is in charge of naming the road,” said Phil Leazer, project engineer with Pennies for Progress, the voter-approved program that finances county road projects.

“Right now, from what I understand, Fort Mill Parkway seems to be the main choice.”

Leazer expects the latest bypass phase to open this month, pending weather that “can play a big havoc role in that.

“June 30 is the date we’re shooting for, for the entire (Phase One) bypass,” Leazer said. “To be able to get everywhere, all the way from Fort Mill Parkway all the way over to Holbrook and Doby’s (Bridge roads).”

The final bypass phase, connecting Springfield Parkway to what will open this month, won’t be complete until late 2015.

Fort Mill staff continue to talk with the county on the road name. One option is to extend Fort Mill Parkway all the way to Springfield Parkway; another is to extend Springfield Parkway all the way to Fort Mill. The name Millstone Parkway, a nod to the town’s history, also came up in town conversations.

A final decision comes from the county Public Safety Communications office. Director Gary Loflin said June 11 that he expects a final decision “in the next week or so.”

“We’ll have it named before the road opens,” Loflin said.

Public Safety names roads at the staff level, stemming from the earliest days of 911 when some roads in York County didn’t have names.

“It’s important that you’re able to tell police or firefighters where they’re going,” Loflin said.

The town also is in talks with county staff on Doby’s Bridge Road, which is undergoing considerable realignment with the latest bypass work. Since Doby’s Bridge won’t be contiguous, new naming could help distinguish which side of the bypass an address is.

Though the new stretch of bypass will most likely become Fort Mill Parkway, the unfinished stretch of bypass won’t be named this month. Loflin said he understands people are interested in road names, and his hope is to find something agreeable.

“We’re still working with engineers and the Town of Fort Mill to come up with a name,” he said. “We understand it can be a sensitive subject. We want to come up with something where everyone is happy with the final outcome.”