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Is Tom Spratt responsible enough?

Is Tom Spratt responsible enough?

This is regarding the story “Fort Mill Councilman left town in July” (Fort Mill Times, Sept. 24):

As many citizens of Fort Mill can attest, financial responsibility has become a major factor not only when looking for a new job, but for maintaining a current job. According to a study conducted by the Society for Human Resource Management, 47 percent of employers pull current and potential employees’ credit reports.

Employers reason that financial responsibility indicates overall responsibility in both life and work.

Councilman Tom Spratt is not only residing outside his political boundaries, he has failed to maintain financial responsibility: losing his house to foreclosure. Foreclosure and bankruptcy damage credit for years.

Employers demand good credit because they understand the potential for fraud, embezzlement and theft from employees who lack financial responsibility.

Why should the citizens of Fort Mill, the employers of Tom Spratt, demand anything less from one of their employees?

Can he be trusted for two more years? Is he responsible enough?

Anne Matthews

Fort Mill