Fort Mill Times

The Lake Wylie Marine Commission loses one of its own.

A man who spent considerable time advocating for Lake Wylie is gone.

Robert Biggerstaff, a Lake Wylie Marine Commission member for six years, died Nov. 26. Biggerstaff served as secretary treasurer of the group. The commission, calling Biggerstaff a “dedicated steward” of the water and environment, released a statement on his passing in early December.

“Commissioner Biggerstaff was a staunch advocate for Lake Wylie and was devoted to the work of the commission to protect the river and to ensure it remained a safe and healthy place to swim, boat and fish,” it read.

Biggerstaff, 60, had been facing illness the past year.

The counties surrounding Lake Wylie appoint marine commission members, three each. A new Gaston County representative hasn’t been named. Another commission member, George Medler in York County, announced at the most recent meeting he would be stepping down from his role, too.

Both Biggerstaff and Medler had their terms run through September of next year.