Fort Mill Times

This week in Fort Mill history, in 1998: Indian Land man charged with murder


▪ The Indian Land Athletic Booster Club disbanded after 70 years when Athletic Director Bill Motte shut it down.

▪ In a contest sponsored by the Charlotte Hornets, Peggy Bennett of Indian Land Elementary School and Christie Reid of Fort Mill Middle School were voted the “Teacher Most Admired” in Lancaster and York County, respectively.

▪ Indian Land’s varsity girls handed Clover its first defeat of the season, 63-52, in the Warriors’ gym. Amanda Henderson and Chauncey Tims led the Lady Warriors.

▪ A 42-year-old Indian Land man was charged with the murder of his father. The victim was stabbed 16 times.


▪ Betty Jean Dixon of Joe Louis Street, Fort Mill, won $1,000 in the A&P Cash Bonanza game according to Wayne Parker, manager of the Clebourne Street store.

▪ The Fort Mill United Way exceeded its goal of $26,000 with total pledges of $30,260.56.

▪ The Fort Mill Rescue Squad was having radio communication problems due to new public radio and television stations going on the air in Rock Hill.

▪ It was becoming apparent that the Catawba Indian land claim and lawsuit could deliver a staggering blow to Fort Mill and Indian Land.


▪ Major George W. Potts, who had owned and operated the Potts Finance Company on Confederate Street for the past 23 years, disposed of his interest in the business.

▪ Movies at the Center included “Legend of the Lost” with John Wayne and Sophia Loren, “Rodan, The Flying Monster,” “The Sad Sack” with Jerry Lewis and “Don’t Go Near the Water” with Glenn Ford.


▪ James Howie of Fort Mill, sophomore at the University of South Carolina, was elected manager of the University’s football team.

▪ For the first time in their lives, many Fort Mill area people witnessed a brilliant display of the northern lights.


▪ Samuel A. Lee sold his grocery and hardware business to B. M. Lee, proprietor of the Carolina Bargain House.

▪ The two cotton mills of the Fort Mill Manufacturing Company closed down for one day under an order from Fuel Administrator Garfield.

Chip Heemsoth is a lifelong resident of Fort Mill