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Opinion: I’m glad the bond issue passed, but there’s more to do

This whole school bond issue has been a roller coaster ride for me and although it has a resolution, I strangely feel like I’m stuck on the track, much like the recent Fury 325 troubles at Carowinds.

Passing the bond was the right thing to do, but more on the lines of being partial credit instead of being completely correct. Of course, under Common Core, getting an answer partially right seems to earn you an A++ and two expert ribbons to go on the mantel next to the slew of participation trophies. The residents of Fort Mill protected their schools, and that is of paramount importance.

But I can’t stop thinking that an opportunity was missed to come up with a better solution.

I’ve gotten more education than I ever wanted on local politics during the past two months. I’ve learned more about impact fees, landowner rights, county by-laws and how nearby communities interact with one another than I ever thought I’d know.

Where we missed the mark is that we need this kind of information to be widespread so Fort Mill can make the best decisions on planning and development going forward.

This issue generated a lot of positive discussion during the past weeks, which means that people care. That people have passion. That people want to come up with answers. Unfortunately, most of the discussion came too late to make this a truly successful bond vote. That’s because the bond was a quick reaction to the onslaught of growth and development and a bit of a panicked move.

Although it wasn’t presented this way, the bond proposal didn’t have to be passed now to make an impact. Fort Mill had time to understand what was included in the bond, what was truly necessary, and what was fluff. The most critical issues facing the schools are three to five years away, and this was a rushed answer.

Even though I’m lukewarm with the result, I’m glad of what I’ve learned. I’m glad my friends in the education system (that’s you, Bonnie), pointed out why we needed the bond issue, and I gradually sided with them.

I wish more people are told what impact fees can and can’t cover (they can’t cover schools, for instance).

I wish people saying opposing views are a waste of ink would understand that reference is about as dated as the Gutenberg printing press.

I wish people get more involved and enlightened as it really helped me. That’s my three wishes for the day. I hope a genie is listening.

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