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Oakridge Middle School archery team is in top 100 in U.S.

The Oakridge Middle School archery team traveled to Louisville, Ky., the weekend of May 7 to participate in the NASP National Tournament.

More than 12,000 archers descended upon the Kentucky Expo Center for the three-day event and more than half a million arrows flew. There were 540 archers shooting simultaneously in each flight across more than 500 yards of targets.

The Clover team shattered its team score record of 3,173 and qualified for the World Championships in July.

OMS finished top 100 in the U.S.

Scoring for the team were: Alexa Roveri, 114th nationally for eighth grade female archers; Issac Crago, 137th nationally for seventh grade male archers; Isabella Huston, 72nd nationally for sixth grade female archers; and Mackenzie Dragun, 110th nationally for seventh grade female archers.