Fort Mill Times

Letter: Disappointed, concerned over lack of job shadowing choices

I am the proud parent of a rising ninth grader. He is so excited to be a freshman and start his career path. I moved to Fort Mill eight years to better my children education. The top reason for my relocation was the education rank for Fort Mill School District.

I am still happy with ratings and the education provided to my children 14 year-old son and my 6 year-old daughter. I know how important to me education is and you would think the Fort Mill community would as well.

I’d like say how disappointed I am that there are so many establishments that don’t recognize “job shadowing” anymore. I called over five businesses in Fort Mill to ask for a job shadow for my son. No one returned my calls. He was so disappointed. I mean to not do the job shadow is another thing. But to not return my phone call was just unprofessional customer service. Not to mention this was pertaining to my son’s education. I was so saddened by that actions of the establishments. They were all establishments that I support daily.

My point of this letter is to ask for establishments to get involved with the schools to help students in the future with “job shadowing.” It’s no cost to you or anyone else to lend a helping hand for the students. I hope that there is solution to this issue very soon so that the students can benefit from their learning experiences that you can supply them with during their job shadows. This letter was written in regards to the disappointment of my son with the establishments that let him down. No schools, person, or anyone else for that matter put me up to this letter. This letter was done to voice my opinion and seek the attention for business in the future to assist our children with education needs.

I appreciate all the Fort Mill schools have done and I hope to encourage business to help out with this matter soon.

Tareka Dye

Fort Mill