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Column: Make way for the kids of summer

Many modern sports have become mundane, mainstream activities, so it’s refreshing to discover pursuits that fall well outside those confines.

Who would have thought that some of those “untamed” sports would be a cup relay, bucket toss, putt-putt and tug-of-war? It was a sea of lime, orange, yellow and blue T-shirts for Field Day at Indian Land Middle School.

Thanks to the office staff, I had a tour guide named Daniel Norman to help me on my quest to find my grandson amongst all those engaged participants. We stopped and did a lot of watching. It was so invigorating to see these kids really having fun, laughing and cheering each other on.

Chris Thorpe, principal of Indian Land Middle, was right in the middle of all the festivities as were the teachers and a whole staff of helpers. There were hot dogs and hamburgers cooking on a large grill for their lunch.

These kids were letting their hair down after a year of hard work. Hopefully they will continue to be active when school is out. Kids who exercise have greater self-esteem and a better self image. They also have fewer symptoms of anxiety and depression and have a better overall mood.

We finally caught up with my grandson and his friends and Ms. Sehorn, the seventh grade teacher who was overseeing their station. We were having as much fun watching as the children who were participating.

It was another great day at Indian Land Middle School.

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