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Letter: Save the animals!

Animals need their habitat

Editor’s note: The following letters are from students in Tim Smith’s fifth grade class at Gold Hill Elementary School. The students were inspired by “Room For The Animals,” to form the Amazing Animal Association and send these letters.

For some reason do you wish there was a super hero that could say you from ordinary things?

I know I do one like the Lorax. The Lorax is a wonderful person that is an amazing tree hero. The only problem is that he is not real. But we are willing to be the Lorax of Fort Mill.

Fort Mill has many trees, but for some odd reason we are cutting them all down… oh yeah for the new homes we don’t need. New homes means more cars and more cars means bigger roads and bigger roads means more population and so on.

We can make a change, everyone could be a Lorax but that will not happen because people are acting like a once-ler.

Amazing Animal Association

Each year 15-20 million trees get cut down that is a lot of trees. And out of those trees we get things we need like paper to right on, toilet paper, ect. But when it comes to things like houses in your town we don’t need them!

First the roads are a mess sometimes there is at least one wreck every day. I understand they need to build new houses for job opportunities but how many places do they need to tear down. In the woods behind my house there used to be a whole forest but they cut it down. And I know a lot of people enjoyed it.

Second, we have enough people in our schools. I mean sometimes new people mess up relationships it has happened to me. And we are already spaced in enough.

Third those trees were many homes it is horrible that the animals wander the roads just because they have know where to go. What is someone came to your home and knocked it down with stuff you depend on there. It would be tragic!

Amazing Animal Association

Do you remember when you could climb a special tree you would climb every day or just go peach picking the perfect juicy ripe peach?

Just remember the good old days now look at it, it is gone, and everything is gone. Even though some people believe that it is a good idea to cut down trees in reality cutting them down is a horrible idea for three reasons.

First of all they are just tearing down the trees to build homes. Have you seen the roads they are full of cars is we get more cars now the road is going to be packed. So that means bigger roads, which means more pollution.

Second the trees are many homes to animals. The trees are also keep animals protected. Like deer they live in the woods but when you cut down there home they wonder in the road which causes animal abuse.

Third, Fort Mill used to be a small town. Now everything has changed when I was little there used to be trees with orange ‘X’’s on them. I asked my dad what those were and he said that is every tree they are going to cut down. I never thought it would go this far. We want to make a change.

Amazing Animal Association