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Letter: Tega Cay should stop expanding

I don’t know Mr. Hofmeister (letter to the editor May 20th) or how long he has lived in Tega Cay, but he is certainly on target with Tega Cay’s motto “The Good Life” quickly disappearing.

I, like many residents moved to the peninsula to “be away” from the traffic 27 years ago. Tega Cay was a JEWEL. We came here for the “solitude” of the life it afforded with the lake, TREES (we were PROUD to be a TREE CITY years ago!) and the quiet community.

It USED to be after getting out of the crazy traffic of I 77 after work each day, you could meander on down Gold Hill Road and onto Tega Cay Drive and have a sense of PEACE! It was “The Good LIfe.” Definitely NOT SO these days after our ELECTED officials in the city, county and state have made so many GROWTH decisions.

Tega Cay’s Mayor recently put out a letter and included that the “city saved the traffic light from coming for a few years.” Well, folks, should our city officials have taken a poll, looked around, considered what the growth would do to the city and spoke out to the County on all the additional homes (adding average 2 cars per house, townhouse, apt. etc to the traffic) being planned/constructed?

Should the city have REALLY considered what a school RIGHT THERE at the entrance to the peninsula would do to the traffic for those coming off the peninsula?

Somehow we keep adding houses, commercial entities, etc. and the COSTS for the city keeps RISING! There is talk by the officials in charge of the benefits of the extra taxes, impact fees, etc. but, we the result is that we NEED more police, fire, city workers, road work, recreational areas, schools, COVER the growth. Our TAX DOLLARS will be the source to cover what the “additional revenue” can’t!

For those of us living back in the peninsula, we have roads that look like patchwork quilts! Tega Cay Drive’s paving leaves much to be desired---yes, that road is a STATE road, but are the elected officials doing all they can to get the road in decent shape?

And then look at the city parks.....some are not cared for by the city---neglected in some cases. We have some parks that STILL haven’t had the Spring Clean Up and summer is here! Perhaps we should properly care for what we have before expanding in the city and county!

Just some thoughts to consider.... Thanks for your comments/observation Mr. Hofmeister.

Donna K. Britsch

Tega Cay