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Column: I’m apparently a cold-hearted meanie

I had a interesting conversation the other day. My friend adamantly insisted that we forgive Josh Duggar for the alleged molestation charges against the “19 Kids and Counting” character.

I found it interesting for a couple of reasons: One, this is the same person who started a campaign not too long ago to kick a sex offender out of their neighborhood. Secondly, why am I obliged to forgive somebody I don’t know and who has done no wrongdoing to either myself or anyone associated with me?

I don’t know why, but I get a kick out of playing devil’s advocate in these situations. I asked why one sex offender is worthy of forgiveness while the other sex offender should be forced from his home. The response I received was a curious one. It was, “Well, Josh is a good Christian boy.” So I asked what the religious affiliation was of the person down the street who is being asked, and very impolitely I might add, to vacate his house. That response was “I don’t know. I’m not going near the creep.”

There are a lot of directions I could go here, from the hypocrisy often seen when one takes another person’s word of being a “Christian” over their actions, to why it is incumbent to forgive a person I only know because his family is famous for being serial procreators. At least the guy quietly living in his home as a registered sex offender hasn’t spent the past few years as a face for the Family Research Council, speaking out about family values and the ills of homosexual marriage.

I wonder why we are continually blinded by the public persona people put on. I could forgive this Duggar kid for perpetrating yet another farce of what passes for television these days, but I don’t know him from Adam, which by the way has a high probability of being a future Duggar name when the 40th kid is popped out. Ask most people about forgiveness around here and they give you the standard line of, “Jesus forgave us for our sins.” Great. I’ll let Jesus forgive some kid 12 states west of me who I only know from annoying promos regarding a show about a family who could have the same population as Van Wyck.

I also would be more leery of a kid who tried to hide the investigation into molestation charges than the guy living in plain sight as a registered offender. But that’s just me and I’m apparently a cold-hearted meanie who can’t grasp the fascination with forgiving perfect (or in this case) imperfect strangers. Might make me a perfect fit for that opening on the Family Research Council.

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