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Pleasant Knoll second-graders go ‘Buggy’ in year-end performance about insects, science and other academic disciplines

Pleasant Knoll Elementary School presents “Goin’ Buggy” May 28.
Pleasant Knoll Elementary School presents “Goin’ Buggy” May 28. JEFF SOCHKO

More than 100 second-graders at Pleasant Knoll Elementary School sang, danced and acted their hearts out about animals and bugs during an end-of-year performance.

Parents gathered at two performances of “Goin’ Buggy” May 28. The show was the culmination of months of work. The children learned about animal classification, life cycles and habitats. It’s a project teacher Cheryl Cantey said was a team effort among several disciplines.

“Our art teacher helped the students create different types of bugs to display for the performance, our PE teacher helped the students learn a jitterbug dance and our music teacher helped students learn the songs,” she said.

She also gave credit to the second grade teachers and parents who helped students learn lines, songs and movements for the musical.

The students made a trip to Glencarin Garden in Rock Hill to study insects, explored pictures and videos in the classroom and created books about the unit. The ways in which the material was covered allowed for children with different learning styles to absorb the information in the most effective way, Cantey said. Children were even allowed to pick the part they wanted to play in the performance, so they would be more likely to work hard to participate.

“If we had five minutes here or there, we were practicing the songs and lines,” Cantey said.

It took two months to prepare for the musical. It was quite a task trying to get 102 7-year-olds to learn lines and dance moves. In the end, Cantey said it paid off.

“We are incredibly proud of our students hard work, confidence, effort and talent,” Cantey said.

Parents who attended the performance agreed.

“They put together a wonderful, smooth and confident performance. That’s a testament to the effort taken to ensure that the kids were prepared and ‘owned’ their parts,” parent Will Behrmann said

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