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Lake Wylie dance studio marks 5 years of growth

Adagio School of Dance and Performing Arts in Lake Wylie marked five years of training young dancers during a recent recital.
Adagio School of Dance and Performing Arts in Lake Wylie marked five years of training young dancers during a recent recital. COREY BRAUSCH

Adagio School of Dance and Performing Arts marked five years of training young dancers as it hosted its annual recital last month at York Comprehensive High School.

Co-owners Julia Hoak and Stacia Boudreault opened the Lake Wylie dance studio in 2010. Adagio started as a single studio dance school and expanded during the second year. Each year, they said, the number of students grows and the recitals improve.

“I was ready to open a dance studio on my own,” said Boudreault, who is also an instructor at Adagio. “I met Julia and she was also planning on opening up a dance studio.

“I taught her daughter when she was very little,” Boudreault said. “We ended up getting close through Zumba classes. We both had the same goals. We each have our own teaching style and choreography. It keeps things entertaining.”

Employees say they find excitement in how much the classes have grown and how well students have improved.

“It’s just grown over the past five years,” said Cassandra Ignatowicz, a family friend and previous employee. “We started with one studio offering a couple classes a week, now we have two studios and have several classes a night offering all sorts of different kinds of dance.”

She added: “We have the best instructors along with some of the best parents and kids. It’s a friendly, relaxed environment.”

Kelly Bartlett, an instructor at Adagio, said the studio “has been a wonderful place to work and watch young dancers grow.”

“Being able to see students improving each year is so exciting and I love being a part of it,” Bartlett said. “It is hard to believe it has been five years since we have opened, but I guess time flies when you’re having fun.”

Adagio’s competition team, Broadway Bound, formed during the second year of business. The team attends dance conventions and competitions. Each year, the team brings home multiple trophies and has worked hard to reach the top of its performance level.

“Over the past five years our studio has not only grown but our competition team has grown as well. Each year we add new dancers and continue to help them progress in their dance ability and gain confidence,” said Hoak, who is also an instructor.

Mary Beth Guffey has been dancing at Adagio since the first year it opened. Guffey is attending college at Bob Jones University in the fall. This past recital was her last, and Adagio gave her a special goodbye.

“The ladies at Adagio will always be my second family,” she said. “I love them with all my heart. They made the last five years the greatest and I can’t even imagine where I would be without them. I will miss them dearly but they will forever be in my heart.”

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Adagio School of Dance and Performing Arts is at 4555 Charlotte Highway, Suite 20, Lake Wylie. During the summer, Adagio offers camps for young dancers. For information, stop by the studio, visit the website, or call 803-831-8321.