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Column: Did you see the strawberry moon?

I received an email from a friend reminding me to go out and look at the moon on Tuesday June 2, because it was the strawberry moon.

I was not familiar with the strawberry moon, so I did a little research and found it isn’t the shape of a strawberry and it’s not red. June’s full moon was a signal to the native Americans that it was time to gather ripening fruit. Native American full moon names were created to help tribes track the seasons.

When I was a child, my friends and I believed the moon was made of green cheese. We would sit in the backyard and hear tales from our babysitter about it. The idea of the moon being made of cheese dates to John Heywood’s 1546 collection, “Proverbs.” He wrote “the moon is made of green cheese,” he was not referring to the color green but green as in new or un-aged.

One of my go-to reference books, “The Book of Unusual Knowledge,” states that if the moon were made of cheese, it would take 3,741 years for American students from kindergarten through high school to be fed grilled cheese for lunch. Also, a moon size wheel of cheese would produce 74,074,074,100,000 singe cheese slices.

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