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Column: Spring cleaning? Yes, we can! Or not

A few months ago, almost two to be exact, I came upon a spring cleaning checklist. I snipped it from the paper and set it aside on my kitchen table. That’s where it stayed for about a month. Then I moved it to my desk.

I glanced at it a few times, picked it up, dusted under it and put it back. Then finally, one day I picked it up and studied it.

The 17 items read like a “Who’s Who of Tasks I Hate to Do.” Things like clean the windows, or in my case, streak the windows; scrub the kitchen, deep clean the bathroom…say whaaaat? Scrub and deep clean? Not words I’d use to describe my cleaning style.

There were things like, “Reorganize Your Closet,” “Tackle The Garage,” and “Clear Out The Coat Closet,” which would be easy, except for one small detail: My coat closet is stuffed with way more than coats.

Surprisingly, I found one item on the list that I do everyday – “Go Through Your Cosmetics Drawer.” Most times I can’t find what I’m looking for, but nonetheless, I do go through it.

Score one for me.

I’ll admit, the spring cleaning list is inspiring. I want to complete it, but the first item, “Do A Thorough Purge,” stuns me. I can’t move past it.

For me, a thorough purge is not spring cleaning. It’s like the next 100 years of spring cleaning. Just cleaning out a small kitchen drawer takes longer than a snail traveling across the country. Not that I know how long that takes, but when I embark upon the adventure of bringing order to a cluttered drawer, it seems to take forever. I’m thinking that’s how long it would take that snail to crawl from the East Coast to the West Coast.

My husband keeps saying, “We should bring everything down from the attic, go through it and sort it.”

I keep saying, “Yes. We should.” That’s about all I say, because I’d really rather not. But he’s right, we should.

We’d probably find lots of whatnots we’d rather not have. Then we could look at them, pack them back up and stash them in the attic where they came from.

I was in the mood to spring clean a few months ago, then I saw that list and I got over my mood quick. Anyway, summer officially begins June 21. That spring cleaning window is about to close, streaked or not.

Karen Tomas is a resident of Fort Mill. Email her at