Fort Mill Times

Letter: What if you were one trapped in state line battle?

In today’s opinion section (Page 5A, Lake Wylie Pilot June 16) there is a guest editorial written by The Herald regarding the House passing the state line bill. I would guess they aren’t affected by the passage of this bill.

The guest states that (ONLY) 148 residences are affected. What would their opinion be if they were one of those (ONLY) residences?

It’s like sending soldiers to war. It’s easy to say send them when you’re not the one going.

I’m one of the people caught in this, and I’m not looking forward to it. Think about the all the changes that have to be made in your life if you move to another state, plus the fact your cost of living is going to go up.

Finally, I wonder how the guest writer would like to do that on a retirement income as I and three other families in my neighborhood will have to do.

John Hawkins

Lake Wylie