Fort Mill Times

Guest View: Rush to judgment editorial cartoonist?

Great to see my favorite cartoonist “The Judge” is still hard at it creating his objective and humor filled depictions of current events. I am referring to his slam of something Rush Limbaugh supposedly said about Bruce Jenner. Who cares! The Judge will be the judge of that for all of us! Thanks – no help needed, I think we can figure things out (like Jenner and Rush) on our own.

Where do I sign up for the local Leftist Meeting Judge? Perhaps the editor of this paper can help me with that one? But I digress.

I have no clue what Mr. Judge is talking about with regard to what Rush said. Or why he seems to be overly obsessed with whatever Rush is saying – about anything. Turn the dial if the message does not suit you! Oh that’s right, by your doing that, you would then not be able to foment your “judgment” and try and control everything and everybody like a good Progressive Socialist. Outlaw Rush! But by all means clone Rachel Maddow for the good of all mankind!

Rock on Judge! And while we are at it Lake Wylie Pilot, let’s keep paying for the cartoon syndication, too! Oh the pain as Dr. Zachary Smith used to say on Lost in Space. Sometimes I feel like I am an alien living in this wacko control freak country. Shut up and get to work I say.

Let’s hope the Judge is not some Fat Body verbose over paid entertainer like Rush. Too late! I saw a photo of the Judge. May be the two of them can meet at the feeding trough and get know and perhaps even like each other?

Rich Marsan is a Lake Wylie resident.