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Letter to the editor: Vote for York County bond referendum

Vote for York County bond referendum

It’s not exciting. It’s not sexy. It’s a complex system. It’s government. And it’s a lot of what we don’t care about, until we do.

On Nov. 3, you’ll be asked to vote on the York County bond referendum, which largely deals with York County’s criminal justice system.

It’s a fact the population of York County is growing and is projected to grow at about two percent annually for the next decade or so. With population growth comes the responsibility to keep our facilities in line with the needs of the community.

There are four projects in this bond package: magistrate offices – Clover and Fort Mill - $2.7 million; government center – east (Heckle Blvd)- –$26.3 million; Moss Justice Center expansion – $38.5 million; and public works expansion –$22.3 million. The total package is $89.8 million.

Specific to our local community, the Clover magistrate’s office needs to be reworked to increase security, and to address shortfalls with the current Americans With Disabilities Act requirements. The Moss Justice Center needs more space to relieve overcrowding. The same is true for the Family Courts Facility where there are also security issues.

Finally, the public works facility needs updating (e.g., recycling process improvements) and has severe space limitations. All of these projects will cost us less than one cup of designer coffee per month. (about $2.30/month on a $100k home)

As long-time residents and small business owners in York County, we support this bond package. We encourage you to learn the facts and get out and vote. Remember, every vote counts.

Bill and Rose Cummings, Lake Wylie