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Baxter Village residents report string of auto break-ins

Restaurants and shops along Market Street in Baxter Village. Cars parked along the block were burglarized recently.
Restaurants and shops along Market Street in Baxter Village. Cars parked along the block were burglarized recently.

A string of auto break-ins were reported over the span of a week in Baxter.

Four Baxter residents became victims Oct. 24 when an unknown suspect stole nearly a dozen credit cards, purses, wallets and other items from vehicles along Market Street, according to York County Sheriff’s Office incident reports.

One woman reported someone broke her rear driver side window, and was told when she called to cancel credit cards that someone already had tried to use them at three separate McDonald’s restaurants. A man reported his rear passenger side window broken. Stolen items included a laptop, headphones, briefcase and case file for the Lancaster County Solicitor’s office.

Another man reported his rear passenger side window broken, but told officers that nothing was taken. There was an empty camera bag near the broken window.

As officers left the scene, they noticed the back window broken on another car nearby. The owners reported nothing stolen from that car, but an empty purse had been taken from the vehicle and thrown under a nearby car, according to the incident report.

The same day, another Baxter resident reported someone tried to break into his car at his home. The resident had installed video cameras outside his home that notified him of activity outside while he was out of town. The resident saw video of someone trying to open his car door. The image showed a male wearing khaki pants, a white jacket and a baseball hat.

On Oct. 26, a Fort Mill woman reported an iPad Air 2 and four electronics chargers stolen from her car two days prior. The woman left her car unlocked and initially thought only the chargers were taken, but filed a report after noticing the iPad was missing. The incident occurred about a block from the Fort Mill YMCA.

Another larceny from a vehicle took place sometime between Oct. 21 and Oct. 23. A Fort Mill man had $100 in cash and eight fuel cards taken, less than a block from the gym.

Following the break-ins, a Fort Mill man was charged with public disorderly conduct after officers investigated a suspicious vehicle in the area. The reports give no indication that the incident is related to the break-ins.

On Oct. 27, an officer noticed movement in the rear of a gray Subaru parked in a handicap space at the Baxter YMCA. The officer found a man lying in the back with blue jeans on top of his vehicle. The man was covered from the waist down with a blanket. The man told the officer he had been drinking and parked there for the night, according to the report.

The officer asked the man to exit the vehicle, but the man said he had soiled his pants and was naked under the blanket. A half-full wine bottle was found nearby. The man was arrested and transported to the Fort Mill Police Department. According to the report, the officer found a pistol in the glove box, bolt cutters and automotive tools in the vehicle. The report states there were “many hats, and a pair of khaki cargo shorts” in the vehicle.

Trent Faris, spokesperson for the York County Sheriff’s Office, said Friday there hasn’t been a suspect named in the break-ins.