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Column: Learning teamwork, how to encourage others

Farrah Speaks
Farrah Speaks

As the song by the Black Eyed Peas once declared, ‘’Let’s get it started in here!”

The first lesson of this week was about teamwork and encouraging others. Our Girls on The Run coaches decided to put this lesson into action. Instead of running around our soccer field in pairs like we usually do, we ran around the school as a team. Our goal was to run 10 times around the school without stopping.

Unfortunately, we were not able get to 10 laps in the time we had, but we worked so well together we are sure to reach our goal next time.

What I think teamwork means is to work hard together toward the same goal. I think to encourage others is to tell others to keep going toward their goal and to actually believe they can do it.

I am almost certain that the purpose of this lesson was that encouraging our other teammates to push forward pushes us forward ourselves. Running as a team brought this lesson to life. When one of us fell behind or slowed to a walk, we challenged them to a race or something to make them want to push forward.

Because it was a rainy day at the second practice of the week we decided to stay inside. Instead of mourning the fact that we couldn’t go outside, we did a lesson with Legos! The first thing we built was a tower – any kind of tower as long as we used our imagination. Next we had four options of things to build. We had to pick one thing to build and build it by just looking at a picture. Then we had to share why we chose that figure and what it looked like to us.

The last thing we built we had to work on together. For two minutes we had to discuss what we wanted to build and then start building it. We decided to build our school. For the next couple of minutes, still as a group, we had to work on the building without talking. I think this built teamwork and trust because sometimes to be a team we have to do things without communicating in the usual way.

We have to trust that our teammates can handle their end, even without us talking about it. Our Lego school turned out like a clock tower, but we had fun building it.

Overall, I learned that teamwork is very important to living because without it everyone in the world would be lonely without any friends.

Wow, time is really flying by. Only four more weeks until the Reindeer Romp 5K!