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Lake Wylie developer to fix problems or face fines

A resident drives on Baker Lane in Lake Wylie on Thursday. Residents there are upset with development for Lake Crest.
A resident drives on Baker Lane in Lake Wylie on Thursday. Residents there are upset with development for Lake Crest.

York County will give Lake Crest subdivision developer Mattamy Homes an opportunity to fix problems caused by recent construction before issuing a stop work order or fines.

“They are issuing a notice of violation today,” said Brooke Betit, county spokesperson.

County staff met with the developer early Friday afternoon. The notice of violation is not a stop work order. It gives the developer time to correct issues on the Bonum Road site. If conditions don’t improve, a stop work order would come before any financial penalty.

“It’s basically saying, hey, you’re not in compliance with the ordinance,” Betit said. “And then they’ll be given a certain amount of time to correct the problems.”

She wouldn’t say what specific issues led to the violations, except the company “disturbed outside the delineated area” for construction. Residents in the area listed clearcutting as one of several concerns with the developer. Residents also have been in contact with county officials daily with complaints about putting cul-de-sacs closer to existing homes than is allowed.

Brent Carey, spokesperson for Mattamy, said the company has and will continue to work with the county.

“We have all the required permits to develop the site, and we have been doing so in line with those permits and all other regulations,” he said. “We’re going to continue to work with the county, and other stakeholders, to do what’s appropriate to resolve any issues that arise.”

Resident Harriet Frazier said neighbors are upset about the recent uptick in construction.

“If they were out here five days working, we had the county out here four days,” she said. “They have really just violated what they were supposed to do.”

Lake Crest is approved for 175 homes on 85 acres. Site plans show a 50-foot buffer around the project and several natural areas. The end along Baker Lane should have 8 acres of open space with more than 5 acres of trees. Two internal spots list about 12 acres of open space, nine of them tree save. Sites along Bucleigh Road include more than 6 acres of open space, two of them tree save.

Residents say they’ve had trouble getting to their homes down Baker Lane in recent days, an issue they say was foreseen.

“This is not the place to put 175 houses,” Frazier said.

Last year Bonum Road area residents asked York County Council for zoning changes to prevent new subdivisions like Lake Crest in the area. After Council approval, concern arose that the property site could have historical grave sites. Now, residents say too many trees are coming down.

“We’re very frustrated to say the least,” Frazier said. “They’re not acting like they care about the rules.”

Allison Love, a neighbor who led calls to reduce allowed building density near the lake, said the developer and county were to meet today to discuss clearcutting, a road leading down to a retention pond and perhaps ownership of an existing road in the area.

“The county and probably all of the neighbors have been in direct contact,” she said.

Love said she will file to run for York County Council next fall. The decision is “absolutely” the result of issues like the one facing residents along Bonum Road, she said. Residents say the latest issues are particularly concerning after they addressed the Council repeatedly with worries development along the lake could cause problems.

Residents repeatedly mentioned Mattamy, a Canada-based company, as concerning.

“They’ve definitely lived up to our expectations,” Love said.

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