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Letter to the editor: Stop trashing Lake Wylie roadways

Boy Scout pleas with Lake Wylie residents to use free landfills to stop trashing roadways.

Stop trashing roadways

I am currently a member of Boy Scout Troop 333. Every three months, we do a roadside pickup where we pick up trash along Highway 49 and it always surprises me how much trash is on the side of the road. For example, after we finish picking up the trash and we walk back we often find the roadside already has trash that has been thrown out a car again.

I am writing this letter to you because I am asking those who live in Lake Wylie to please use the free landfills down the road rather than throw your trash out the side of the road. Lake Wylie is a beautiful place to live and I don't want this small paradise to become trashed by people too lazy to discard their trash where it belongs.

Please stop throwing trash outside because every time you throw your trash out the window you are hurting yourself and the world you live in.

Please stop throwing trash off the side of the road.

Nathan Nishimuta