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Fort Mill Fire Department delivers baby boy

Earlier this month one of Fort Mill’s newest residents, a boy named Cole, became the answer to a trivia question about the town.

Cole was first baby ever delivered by the Fort Mill Fire Department, town officials said.

The department, which celebrated its 100th anniversary last year, got the call that a resident was in labor late on March 3, with contractions about six minutes apart, said FMFD Lt. Jeromy Lockhart. The medical unit and ladder truck headed to the address and just prior to arriving, the expectant mom’s contractions were down to two minutes apart.

The team got to the house, completed a medical assessment and contacted the medical unit, Lockhart said. The patient started going into active labor and within two and-a-half minutes of the fire department team arriving, the baby was delivered.

“Mom and child both were doing really well,” Lockhart said.

The team then let the medical unit en route know it now had two patients instead of one, he said.

Other than the baby’s name, the fire department declined to identify the family. However, the town has been in touch with the family about possibly attending a town council meeting where the FMFD team that delivered Cole will be honored.

“Everything went well. The family is super excited,” Lockhart said. “We’re looking forward to meeting baby Cole at some point and time.”

The Fort Mill Fire Department is one of several agencies in the county that run medical service of some type, Lockhart said. The team had two EMTs and two paramedics on the truck when they got the call.

When people call 911 for an emergency, they often get EMS with fire service, Lockhart said.

“We’re the first line of care prior to EMS getting there,” he said.

The Fort Mill Fire Department has been providing EMS services for three years and this is the first call of its kind the team has been out on, Lockhart said.

Lockhart, a paramedic for 13 years who has worked for several agencies, has been a part of a delivery before, but joined many first-timers on this call.

“It was a surreal experience,” he said.

“My first time delivering a child was an amazing experience I’ll never forget. I’m glad I was able to be part of it with my guys that have never been part of the actual birthing experience.”

For firefighter Kyle Stephens, who has been a basic EMT for three years and a paramedic for seven months, the delivery was on his second day on the job with the Fort Mill Fire Department.

“It’s awesome to be able to say you brought another life into the world,” he said.

Chief Chipper Wilkerson said the team did a great job.

“Outstanding job by the crews on duty working,” he said.