Fort Mill Times

Letters to the editor: Welcome neighbor Ferrar-Buist; Minority make majority silent

Welcome new neighbor

I was concerned after seeing a couple men wearing orange reflector vest poking around the woods across the small cove from my home.

I like my quiet neighborhood, liked it just the way it was, natural.

Thinking what was going to move in?

Well, months later through the clearing and building process, I have found Ferrara-Buist to be a pleasant surprise.

I’ve talked to a young man on their team twice about runoff, both times things were corrected immediately.

After a strong windy period, I spoke with a gentleman Berry about debris in the lower lake area. This was cleared the next day and has stayed clear.

I’m very impressed with my new neighbor making these small – to me, large – corrections. They have also made the building blend into the tree line, planted flowering trees along Hwy. 49 continuing the line from the shopping center on down.

All of my experiences have been exceptional. Welcome Vault Self Storage.

Kitty Bryson, Lake Wylie

Minority make majority silent

I am deeply concerned about the legislation Charlotte council just passed on Transgenders and their desire to use the restroom of their choice, rather than the one that best suits their anatomy. I do not feel it is fair to subject others to their need to feel comfortable, when many others (particularly children) would feel extremely uncomfortable with this choice, should a young girl encounter a male in the female restroom or a young male encounter a female in a men’s restroom.

It seems that an extreme minority have once again been heard loud and clear, while the majority is silent.

Take a stand. Contact your city council if you are a citizen of Charlotte or live close by. Also contact Gov. Pat McCrory and thank him for taking the stand.

Further, I do not plan to support companies and groups who have chosen to take their business away from Charlotte due to this issue. How about you?

Gloria Hein, Lake Wylie