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Opinion: It’s not ‘anti-LGBTQ’ but ‘pro-women’

Have we all gone mad?

Companies like PayPal, are threatening to move out of Charlotte because the state government created a law to protect half of its population, older women, teenage and elementary school girls of North Carolina from being accosted or embarrassed in front of guys in their bathrooms, changing rooms, or shower stalls.

That’s really what this boils down to.

LGBTQ is calling this “anti-LGBTQ legislation,” when in fact it is “pro women’s rights and protections.” I encourage common sense. Laws that allow any boy or man, transgender or merely claiming to be, to walk into a women’s rest room, puts women at risk. That is the consequence of the transgender agenda. Can you even imagine we have come to the point in history where we have to make a law that states the obvious: guys go in guy restrooms and girls go in girl restrooms.

Because of the world in which we live, South Carolina needs to take the lead and pass the bill that states people have to use the bathroom of their birth gender. Madness.

The hypocrisy of companies like PayPal who do business in whole nations where homosexuality is illegal, like it was here for centuries. How long will “we the people” and our government officials, allow unelected companies and “big bully,” “dogmatic,” and “intolerant” organizations like LGBTQ run our states and nation? Have you really studied their agenda and the consequent impact on society of their radical ideas? They want to take away all distinction between male and female, as we discovered in Nebraska where teachers were no longer allowed to call children boys and girls, but “purple penguins” (National Review Online). Children are corrected and told they are wrong if they mention anything to do with father, mother, male, female, boy, girl. The new morality coming your way a “metrosexual” society.

How can parents tolerate this? Do you really want boys going in your girl’s locker rooms? I am saddened by the apparent apathy of citizens like you and me. Brought up on the Beatles’ “live and let live” doctrine, we nicely and tolerantly let LBGT have their way. Not really studying what their “full” agenda is and how it will impact society and your children for generations to come. Citizens and law makers alike are intimidated by the bullying and threats of LBGT and the companies that support their doctrines of intolerance to people of faith.

Charleston already has city ordinances that require schools to allow boys claiming to be transgender into girls’ locker rooms. What will we do people of South Carolina? Are we going to bow to this extreme agenda and have our children lose a sense of reality of who they are? In Chicago school District 211 where this agenda is being imposed, a group of high school girls tried to express to the board of education how uncomfortable they feel having a male, that still is a guy biologically, in their dressing rooms. They were shamed for their intolerance. The principal tried a common sense approach and tried to create a separate bathroom for such individuals, but that was not acceptable to these extreme, intolerant organizations, who utilize law suits to demand their way against all sound reason.

They do not care about the effects on young girls being exposed to this.

We should boycott companies trying to promote such radical agendas. Yes, I believe letting boys or men into ladies’ restrooms is subversive. These organizations like LGBTQ and gender spectrum do not care if it’s harmful to children, does not promote the general welfare, or flies in the face of the first amendment the founding pinnacle of this nation.

What breaks my heart the most is the actual individual child who is questioning their gender. He or she needs legitimate help to understand why they have rejected, who they are, and assistance to integrate back into a whole person. Instead, because of the “politicization” of this issue, no one can even express the idea to the child: You are not physically a boy, you’re a girl, but what’s causing you to think or feel otherwise? Instead, we’re trained to treat their feeling or belief as a “reality” which solidifies them in this direction, when it may be something that happened to them, an experience, which caused them to question themselves, but has nothing to do with reality.

The very community that purports to “love and accept” these individuals do not give them the option to wonder why they got to this point, and is it really true? Instead, they will guilt parents into pumping their child with hormones to change who they are and go through horrific surgeries. When longitudinal studies have shown the majority of kids grow out of this phase.

Of course I will be labeled “transphobic” or “cissexist” – a whole new vocabulary to go with a whole new “reality.” These organizations do not tolerate any other reality, but the new one they are creating and designing. I respect that these organizations are going for what they really believe, but do not think they have carefully thought out the implications of this social re-engineering on society as a whole.

Dr. Wendy Petzel, LMFT, PhD is with the Center for Restoration in Fort Mill.