Fort Mill Times

Letter to the editor: Water meeting raised more questions than answers

Editor’s note: This letter was addressed to York County Councilman Bruce Henderson and others, including Lake Wylie Pilot.

I attended the meeting at Camp Thunderbird on April 5, given by Rep. Ralph W. Norman, concerning the condition of our water and the possible buyout of Carolina Water Service. And quite frankly I left with more questions than answers. And since this is a county matter, I thought I might get some answers from you. And could all answers be written, to the best of your ability.

1. Could you let me know what is the service area of CWS in York County.

2. Since the franchise agreement is up soon, are attorneys for York County reviewing the old agreement? And if so, how can a fair market value be determined. Since we know that CWS will inflate the price. And is this contract open for public viewing?

3. If there is a contract renewal (God forbid), would the terms and length be the same? And could concessions be requested from CWS.

I have never seen an arrangement like this in my life, a terrible deal for York County. I fully understand why CWS doesn’t want to leave; we have become a cash cow for them. There’s no transparency with the company and to my knowledge no community involvement. All of the profits leave York County. Why on earth would we need a company like that, how are they acting in the County’s best interest.

Count V. Smith, Clover