Fort Mill Sports

Sharks eat through competition, now 3-0

The Fort Mill Sharks had no problem against Brightmoor’s swim team, winning 501-327 to improve to 3-0 on the season.

Fort Mill won 17 of the 20 relay events against Brightmoor. Individual winners for the Anne Springs Close Greenway Complex based team were:

Luke Claudy – boys’ 9-10 25-meter freestyle, 25-meter backstroke and 25-meter butterfly

Madison Claudy – girls’ 11-12 50-meter freestyle, 50-meter backstroke and 50-meter breaststroke

Jada Norman – girls’ 15-18 50-meter backstroke, 50-meter butterfly and 100-meter individual medley

Vialyn Castilla – girls’ 13-14 50-meter freestyle and 50-meter butterfly

Jaques Caravaca – boys’ 13-14 100-meter individual medley and 50-meter butterfly

Celina Vu – girls’ 8 and under 25-meter freestyle and 25-meter butterfly

Julia Claudy – girls’ 6 and under 25-meter freestyle

Grayson Reiger – boys’ 6 and under 25-meter freestyle

Emily Ford – girls’ 9-10 25-meter freestyle

Luis Bravo – boys’ 15-18 50-meter freestyle

Grace Stralow – girls’ 9-10 25-meter backstroke

Kayla Kyle – girls’ 10 and under 100-meter individual medley

Diego Caravaca – boys’ 10- and under 100-meter individual medley

Isabel Winert – girls’ 11-12 100-meter individual medley

Sophia Tang – girls’ 8 and under 25-meter breaststroke

Amelia Pach – girls’ 9-10 25-meter breaststroke

Aaron Silver – boys’ 9-10 25-meter breaststroke

Samuel Pach – boys’ 11-12 50-meter breaststroke

Ryan Fisher – boys’ 13-14 50-meter breaststroke

Will Chadwick – boys’ 8 and under 25-meter butterfly

Jennifer Zermeno – girls’ 9-10 25-meter butterfly