Abused dog found in York with tongue cut out has died, animal rescue says

Briggs, a pitbull/lab mix, was found tied up without food or water in York Nov. 19.
Briggs, a pitbull/lab mix, was found tied up without food or water in York Nov. 19.

An abused dog, found tied up in freezing weather in York on Nov. 19, died Tuesday night, according to the non-profit caring for him.

Briggs, a pitbull/lab mix, was likely used for dog fighting, according to a York police report.

York County Animal Control told police the dog’s tongue had been cut out.

Briggs was taken to Noah’s Arks Rescue in Ridgeland, where he had been cared for in a 24-hour intensive care unit, according to the non-profit’s website. Briggs died after becoming septic, the website said. Sepsis is an extreme immune system response to an infection.

Bayleigh Allen, 18, found the dog on Nov. 19, when she and her boyfriend were driving through the York neighborhood after work.

She said they saw a group of people on the side of the road, who looked like they were fighting.

“We slowed down and the people ran,” she said. “So we shined our light over there and saw a dog.”

She called the police, who came and arranged for animal control to pick up the animal.

Police found the dog tied up to a tree without food or water in 30-degree weather, the police report says.

“I think it was bad that he was left there,” Allen said. “It was like shaking. It was cold out there.”

Briggs was being fed through a tube, but had recently learned to eat meatballs, Noah’s Arks Rescue said in a website post.

The organization’s website says Briggs had become septic due to the infections in his mouth, and the infection spread to his bloodstream.

“The people in Briggs’ life let him down,” a post on the website says. “He was passed around from one person to another without a thought for his safety. He was a puppy that loved life and everyone he met. There will never be justice for what happened to this beautiful boy.”

Anyone with information on his case should contact the York Police Department at 803-684-4141.

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