Police say 2 people used scam to steal woman’s wallet at Rock Hill grocery store

Police in Rock Hill are seeking two people who stole a woman’s wallet at a grocery store by distracting her.

In the incident Sunday afternoon at a Food Lion store on Mount Gallant Road, police were able to see store surveillance video. The video showed a middle-aged woman approach the 67-year-old victim, while a man extends his arm into the woman’s cart.

The victim told Rock Hill police the woman approached her in an aisle and asked to look at the list of ingredients of one of the victim’s items in her cart.

The victim turned away from her purse to read the ingredients. Then she found her wallet was stolen when she went through the checkout line, a police report says.

The stolen wallet contained $42 in cash, seven credit cards and the woman’s driver license and Social Security card, police said.

Police are seeking the store videotape, said Capt. Mark Bollinger, spokesman for the Rock Hill Police Department.