Rock Hill couple reports online dog sales scam

Staff reports

A Rock Hill couple fears they may have been scammed while trying to buy a dog online.

The couple reported the possible fraud to local police over the weekend after sending a money order for $600 to an online company selling pugs. Though the couple lives locally, the possible fraud occurred out of state so another law enforcement agency will need to investigate, according to a Rock Hill Police report.

The money was sent to Oklahoma City, the couple told officers. Police there said they will start looking into the case soon.

After sending $600 to the online pug sales company, another company called the couple to ask for $975 to have the dog sent by airplane, according to the report. That money was to cover the “cost of insurance and vaccines for the dog,” the report states.

The company told the couple some of the money would be returned in cash once they picked up the pug from the airport, they told police. It’s unclear whether the couple has received the dog or a refund.