Woman arrested with meth in cigarette pack at Rock Hill liquor store


A North Carolina woman is facing drug charges after Rock Hill police found methamphetamine hidden in a cigarette pack.

Connie Lynn Carringer, 44, of Andrews, N.C., faces charges of methamphetamine possession and having an open container of alcohol in a vehicle, according to the arrest report.

At 8:26 p.m. Tuesday, Rock Hill police investigated two women in a car parked in front of a Cherry Road liquor store after receiving calls about a possible intoxicated driver. The officer found an open vodka bottle on the floor of Carringer’s seat, the report states. She had already gone inside the store.

A search of Carringer’s purse reportedly uncovered a meth pipe. Officers also found a .32 grams of meth wrapped in cellophane inside a cigarette pack in the purse. Police then called for a drug-sniffing dog to be called to the scene, but a sniff of the car did not uncover any more drugs.

Carringer was taken to Rock Hill City Jail. Another woman in the car was also cited for open container when another vodka bottle was found in the car’s back seat.

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