He told police he shot and killed his Fort Mill neighbor’s dog. He wasn’t arrested.

A Fort Mill man told police he shot and killed a dog after he hit it with a stick.

Fort Mill Police responded to a call just before 1 p.m. Saturday about a dog being beaten and shot with a BB gun on Ralph Bunch Street, according to a report. A woman told an officer she heard her neighbor beat a dog with a stick, the compression of a BB gun and a dog “yell in pain.”

The officer spoke with the neighbor who said a small, white dog came into his yard and he hit it with a stick, then the dog ran away from him, according to a police report.

As a second officer arrived, he heard “what sounded like a small caliber gunshot” from the rear of the home, the report says.

Officers talked to another man holding a high-powered air pellet gun, the report says.

The officers found another air rifle in the back yard, along with a dead beagle, the report says.

The man who fired the shot while officers were on scene told them he was target shooting and didn’t harm the dog. The other man told police he shot and killed the dog after it walked toward him, before officers arrived. He told police the dog wasn’t acting aggressively and only snarled at him after he hit it with a stick.

Police contacted the owner of the dead dog. The dog’s owner told police the beagle and a boxer mix got out of his yard that morning, and he was still missing the other dog. Officers found it at Steele and Anderson streets, and returned it to him.

York County Animal Control took over the investigation. The man who admitted shooting the dog received a citation from the county animal control officer for maltreatment of animals.