York teen tried to join ISIS, kill American. Case delayed, plot details ‘classified’

Police react to alleged ISIS teen parole

File video: York Police Chief Andy Robinson said the South Carolina juvenile justice system "has failed us."
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File video: York Police Chief Andy Robinson said the South Carolina juvenile justice system "has failed us."

A trial against a York teen charged last year with trying to help ISIS kill Americans after he was released by a parole board has been delayed again because lawyers say the information is classified.

The information Zakaryia Abdin had is so secret, a 1980 federal law enacted to protect the United States from a “potential; threat” is expected to be used in the case. His lawyer and federal prosecutors asked Monday in a court filing that the case be delayed because of “classified information.” The Classified Information Procedures Act might keep some details from ever coming to light, new court documents show.

York Police Department Chief Andy Robinson had twice requested the South Carolina Juvenile Parole Board keep Abdin in prison until age 21, the maximum allowed as a juvenile.

“We told them from the beginning we believed he was a threat if released,” Robinson said. “I am just very thankful no Americans were hurt or killed.”

A York boy, whose family is from Syria, was charged as a juvenile on a gun charge in York but investigators learned that he was plotting to join ISIS in Syria to fight “jihad” and had linked up with a more militant Muslim in Raleigh, N.C. who want

Abdin, 19, who grew up in York, was arrested as a juvenile at age 16 after an alleged 2015 plot to rob a gun store and kill soldiers. He was released after about a year in a juvenile prison after saying he had changed. He could have been held until age 21.

Robinson, York County Sheriff’s Office Det. Bob Hamilton, and other police repeatedly told court and state officials that Abdin was a threat if paroled. Abdin, who moved to near Charleston after he was paroled in 2016, almost immediately started making contact with ISIS again, and was involved in weapons deals and other schemes to join and assist the terrorist organization, federal documents show.

York Police Chief Andy Robinson said a local teenager threatened to kill police if they got in the way of his plot to join ISIS, rob a gun store and murder soldiers.

Abdin was arrested by the FBI in March in Charleston at the airport before he boarded a plane to the Middle East. Abdin wanted to massacre Americans and fight with ISIS, federal documents say.

In this Jan, 29, 2016 file video, York Police Chief Andy Robinson said the teen accused of plotting to join ISIS has not been behind bars long enough. He will urge the department of parole to keep him in prison for the safety of York County and Am

Abdin is charged with attempting to provide material support to ISIS. He remains in jail without bond.