Lancaster man charged with attempted murder in shooting

Shibree Ikee Truesdale
Shibree Ikee Truesdale

A Lancaster man has been arrested in a shooting after a 26-year-old was dropped of at the hospital with multiple gunshot wounds.

Shibree Ikee Truesdale, 25, was arrested Friday at the Carriage Inn on North Main Street in Lancaster, according to the Lancaster County Sheriff's Office.

The victim was brought to Springs Memorial Hospital at about 10 p.m. Thursday with apparent gunshot wounds to the back and abdomen, the sheriff's office said.

The hospital was temporarily shut down at the time, Lancaster County Sheriff's Office spokesman Doug Barfield said.

The shooting happened on Locustwood Avenue, investigators later discovered, according to the statement.

Investigators arrested Truesdale in his room at the Carriage Inn, the statement said. Truesdale was there with a woman and two small children.

Investigators found about 15.5 grams of what they suspect to be marijuana, as well as digital scales and a plastic straw, the statement says.

“It’s good we found Truesdale so quickly, and put him into jail, so we can focus our investigative effort on determining the motive for this shooting and the circumstances under which it occurred,” Lancaster County Sheriff Barry Faile said.

Truesdale has been charged with attempted murder, possession of a firearm during the commission of a violent crime and possession with intent to distribute marijuana.

Truesdale was denied bond in a Saturday hearing.

Anyone with information should call the Lancaster County Sheriff's Office at 803-283-3388 or Midlands Crimestoppers at 888-274-6372.

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