USC student charged after spitting, spraying window cleaner in roommates’ food

A USC student is facing felony charges after she was caught on camera spitting and pouring household cleaners into her roommates’ food in early February.

Hayley King, 22, was recorded by her roommates spitting into multiple containers of food and pouring Windex into it in the apartment they shared off campus, a Columbia Police Department report states.

King’s two roommates told police they set up cameras in the apartment because they were afraid of what she might do in the wake of fights they had in the prior weeks. The two roommates tried to get King to move out because of previous altercations, but she refused, they told police.

Police viewed the recordings and watched King opening the refrigerator, picking up several containers one by one, and spiting into them. She also poured Windex into one of them.

One of the roommates ate out of a container that was diluted with spit and Windex, she told police.

King was arrested and charged with unlawful, malicious tampering with a human drug product/food. She faces 20 years in prison if convicted.