Rock Hill Police: Stray bullets hit 2 houses, woman’s pillow

Rock Hill detectives are investigating a Saturday night incident that resulted in two homes being shot at on Jefferson Avenue.

One woman told officers she was in her bedroom when a bullet came through the wall of her home and struck her pillow, according to the police report. A woman who lives across the street told officers she heard a commotion outside her home around 7:30 p.m. She heard gunshots, and then she found a bullet in her laundry room.

No one was injured, according to police.

A witness told police he saw a car parked in front of houses in the 700 block of Jefferson Avenue at the time of the shooting incident. Someone inside the car appeared to be talking to another person behind a home nearby, the witness said.

Police officers say they found shell casings in a field behind the home where the woman’s laundry room was hit. That house had three bullet holes on one side, the police report states.

Another witness told officers he saw an unknown man with a handgun running toward Saluda Street from the field where shell casings were found. He gave officers a partial description of the suspect and the car he allegedly fled in from the scene, police say.

No arrests have been made, according to the report.

Officers responded quickly to the Jefferson Avenue area on Saturday night when the shots were fired. A Rock Hill officer who was nearby on Carolina Avenue on a separate call said he heard 12 gun shots.

When that officer arrived on scene, he originally detained three people who were running away from Jefferson Avenue. Those people were not charged and were found to have not been involved with the shooting, police say.

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