Accused shoplifter uses stolen screwdriver to steal laptops from Rock Hill Walmart

Authorities say a man stole three laptops from a Rock Hill Walmart this weekend by using a stolen screwdriver to break in to an electronics cabinet.

The shoplifting incident happened Sunday morning at the Dave Lyle Boulevard Walmart. No arrests have been made.

Rock Hill Police estimate the man got away with more than $2,000 worth of merchandise, including three HP laptop computers and three vacuum cleaners. He’s accused of using a 68-cent screwdriver taken from the Walmart tool section to gain access to the laptops in the electronics cabinet.

Walmart employees reported the theft several hours after it happened. They showed police officers surveillance video of the man in the store and of his car in the parking lot, according to police records.

The video shows the unknown suspect trying to get in to the electronics cabinet but failing the first time, the incident report states. Later, he’s accused of taking a screwdriver and breaking into the cabinet to steal three laptops.

The man then put the laptops and the vacuums in a large storage bin inside a shopping cart, police say. Before leaving the store with the stolen items, the man bought cigarettes. After making the purchase, he retrieved the cart and left.

Rock Hill police detectives are investigating.

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